My tattoo laser journey – Part 1 (of many)


I’ve been terribly bad with my blog recently, checking my statistics I can see my diet and fitness post is always very popular, so thank you.

In the meantime, I’ve started a journey I didn’t think I ever would – Tattoo laser removal.

I’ve been researching laser removal for many years, and it seems like one of those areas much like the tattooing industry where cowboys still roam so research is key.

I love tattoos, I really love tattoos but I started getting heavily tattooed at a young age and my philosophy is who wants to wear the same t-shirt for life? Getting a tattoo is like wearing the same band shirt even though you stopped listening to them 10 years ago.

Tattoos I’ve collected as an adult I love and I’ll love forever because they hold a special moment for me, a memory or shared with a loved one however the tattoos I gathered as a teen, not so much.

First and foremost all my tattoos have been done by a professional. Despite my tattoos having questionable designs (hey there Croydon tattoo) they have all been executed with the utmost skill and a high standard.

I visited the same tattoo artist for many of the tattoos I’m now in the process of removing and my removal is no way against the artist, I just don’t want to hate my own skin anymore. As drastic as that sounds but living with a tattoo you dislike can and will have a knock on effect to your self confidence. I’m tired of hiding tattoos I dislike and I’m tired of being asked about them.

Picosure is the fastest and most effective tattoo removal laser, removing the average professional tattoo in 6-10 sessions.

I visited Zapp Laser Studio in Hove after researching the Picosure laser for many years. Much like getting a tattoo, the removal process should be researched as thoroughly. What is worse than getting a shocking tattoo? Getting said tattoo removed incorrectly and unprofessionally.

Zapp Laser Studio offers an impeccable service, and after a consultation and a patch test my first appointment was undertaken a week later.


The white frosting you’ll see directly after each session is temporary, that’ll disappear within 15 or so minutes and my body will get to work breaking down the ink in due course.

I’m to wait 8 weeks for my next session and I doubt to see much movement on the heavy ink until 2-3 sessions.

Tattoo removal is a slow process, and rightly so. The body is amazing and it can do many things however the immune system breaks down the ink and in order to do so, it needs time.

The high of removing a tattoo I’ve disliked for many years completely out weighs any pain or discomfort during and after the removal process.

If you’re brave enough to get a tattoo, you’re more than brave enough to stand the removal process. The discomfort is completely tolerable, and very quick. So please never put off getting removal because of the painful stories read online, I was very anxious about the pain side, and perhaps this is why I put it off for many years. But you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

I cannot recommend Zapp Laser Studios enough, if having the Picosure laser wasn’t enough, their knowledge and professionalism is second to none.

I’m so excited to document the removal process, so please do check back for more.

Friends please do mention me if you visit Zapp Laser Studios you may bag yourself a discount!


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