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A vegan on holiday: Barcelona – part five. Being vegan in Barcelona


Barcelona is such a vegan friendly city, with almost all restaurants offering a suitable opinion, many vegetarian/vegan only restaurants and convenience shops offering a full range of plant based milks.

Having gone into detail with some of my recommendations for Barcelona in previous posts, my final post details a few other advantages for vegans.


Being vegan has never been so easy and with the help of apps such as Happy Cow and many a Facebook group for food, travel and beauty, we’ve never had it so easy.

Below are my last few recommendations concluding my ‘A vegan on holiday: Barcelona’ edit.


Plant based milks

Vive Soy is Spain’s biggest brand of plant based milks, including soy and almond. Vive Soy is available in all supermarkets and convenience stores in Barcelona. The stores are called ‘Supermercat’ in Barcelona.

I heard a while ago Vive Soy contained a Vitamin D supplement that was animal derived however through the powers of social media and petitioning Vive Soy changed that and all plant based milks are now…plant based.

Having an intolerance to soy, I went for the almond alternative – Almendras.

I don’t actually remember the exact price for these cartons of milk but they were of standard alpro price, if not cheaper.

Tastes exactly like unsweetened almond milk, great with cereal and hot drinks.



The Supermercat is the local convenience food stop in Barcelona, usually on every street (seriously, we had two on either end of our street), you can pretty much get everything in a Supermercat. Smaller shops will have plant based milks, cereals, snacks, frozen foods and toiletries whereas the bigger shops will have fresh vegetables, fruit and breads.

A larger Supermercat can be found on the corner of Barcelona Beach, close to Quicksilver.


Barcelona airport


Deli & Cia at Barcelona Airport offers a vegan opinion, although particularly stingy with the filling, I think I had one piece of avocado yet it’s amazing to have this choice. Tasty nonetheless.

Hard Rock Cafe – Las Ramblas


The potions are BIG, yet the only options for vegans are the bean chilli nachos for starter, without cheese or sour cream.

For main, there is vegetable fajitas, without cheese or sour cream.

The portions are so large, depending on your appetite I really wouldn’t recommend a starter and a main. Even sharing the starter was too much. All very tasty but all way too much.


Barcelona is a beautiful city, with every area offering a little something special, it is great to be able to travel without the worry of finding somewhere suitable to eat.

I cannot recommend Barcelona enough, and with my holiday edit posts I hope I have inspired you to visit.


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