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A vegan on holiday: Barcelona – part four. Traditional Spanish tapas


It wasn’t all burgers and ice cream in Barcelona, tapas is one of my favourite foods.

Every step you’re greeted by a waiter inviting you into another great looking tapas restaurant but there are a few hidden gems that I cannot recommend enough.

La Font De Les Muses


Last summer we visited Barcelona after being invited by my Sister and her Husband whilst they were passing through visiting from Australia. We stayed in an incredible AirBnb in the Gothic quarter and literally walked out of the apartment and into La Font De Les Muses and I was overjoyed by the menu, when we revisited this month, we visited this restaurant again.

This restaurant is the most authentic Spanish tapas you’ll get, out of the way in the Gothic Quarter, it’s quiet, very quiet.

The menu has so many vegan friendly options, the male waiter speaks little English however the lady who greeted us on arrival was almost fluent, they are so welcoming, I could have eaten here every day.

On my trip sometimes I was so excited about the foods that I ate them before taking a picture so apologies but I really like food.

At La Font De Les Muses I had mushrooms in garlic and oil, tomato bread, fried green peppers, fried artichokes and patatas bravas (cubes potatoes with tomato sauce, sometimes spicy).

Be careful with patatas bravas, almost all tapas restaurants will dollop on a mound of what appears to be mayonnaise unless you say otherwise.

Dishes are large, the waiter advised us to stop when we started asking about vegetable tempura and I’m so glad he did. Half way through the fried green peppers and I was full up. The plates are over-sized so trust me when I say about three dishes each is more than enough.

La Font De Les Muses, Carrer dels Banys Vells, 18, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Litoral, Barcelona

Litoral is on the beach front in Barcelona, and it’s fancy. The thing with Barcelona is it is so affordable. The level of fancy Litoral has in London it’d be triple the cost.

We visited Litoral twice, on our first night and on our last. On the first night I had fried artichoke chips, tomato bread and vegetable Paella. On our last night I had the tomato bread with oil and vegetable paella with olives.

The atmosphere is great, on one side you are on the beach front, with people walking past and if you’re like me and love people watching this is fantastic and on the other side you have a authentic Spanish musician who visits nightly to play on his acoustic guitar. He isn’t employed by the restaurant so be prepared to save some extra euros for him.

Litoral Barcelona, Carrer dels Pescadors, 87, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Tips about eating tapas in Barcelona:

Restaurants in Barcelona are generally open till 1am, some even 2am.

Dishes are large so be wary of over-ordering.

Before ordering ask your waiter what the vegetable paella is cooked in, some restaurants use fish stock.

Tapas Tapas the chain restaurant isn’t vegan friendly at all, almost all dishes contain cheese. Their vegetable paella is cooked in fish stock.

However, all dishes can be amended, omitting dairy so always do just ask.

I originally wanted to space these posts out, to almost milk my trip (plant based milk obviously) but I’m so pleased with the amount of vegan finds I experienced on our trip I just want to get them out there. Plus I’ve seen a lot of advice wanted on a few groups I follow about travelling so I’d like to get these posts out there for others to hopefully benefit from.

So as always, if you’re interested in visiting Barcelona and are interested in alternative foods, then please do subscribe and bookmark this blog, I have my recommendations for the Hard Rock Cafe in La Rambla, plant based milks and airport eats coming up.

Also note, I tried to visit places that weren’t just vegan and/or vegetarian on our trip to Barcelona, to showcase how easy it is to eat there as well as how easy it is to visit places when you’re the only vegan and/or vegetarian in your group.


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