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A vegan on holiday: Barcelona – Part Two. The best vegan ice cream


When there is a vegan ice cream shop claiming to be the best in Barcelona within a 2 minute walk from your AirBnB, you know you’ve hit the ‘vegan on holiday’ jackpot.


When the ice cream shop is in the style of Mexican folk art and boasts 12 different flavors, you’ve officially won at life.

IMG_4142 Vegan ice cream and cones – Left: 100% cacao, Mexican Vanilla and Cannabis flavour. Right: Ferrero Rocher, Mexican Vanilla and Cannabis flavour.

La Heladeria Mexicana is situated in La Barceloneta on Carrer de la Mestranca, 49. in other words opposite Barcelona beach. What did I say about winning at life? Sun, Sea and vegan ice cream!


For under 10 euros you’ll get yourself two large ice cream cones with three scopes of your desired ice cream which include but aren’t limited to: 100% cacao, tequila, papaya, vanilla and even cannabis, matcha and mint!

If this place was in the UK, it’d be in Shoreditch and the queues would go on for miles, and their Instagram fans would be the hippest.

But as it is, La Heladeria Mexicana is in Barcelona, and I feel like I’ve stumbled across a gem.


La Helederia Mexicana also sells vegan Mexican food, coffees and smoothies.


Amazing tasty ice cream, I have an intolerance to cacao and soy however it would appear in Barcelona my eczema takes a holiday too and gives me an all you can eat cacao and soy buffet. So eating 100% cacao ice cream was heavenly!

Cannabis, matcha and mint ice cream isn’t a high, it’s flavoring only. A sweet earthy taste that complimented the cacao and Mexican vanilla.

If you’re visiting Barcelona I cannot recommend La Heladeria Mexicana enough.


La Heladeria Mexicana, Carrer de la Mestrança, 49, 08003 Barcelona, Spain


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