Talkin’ ’bout my generation

Fisherman Greek Hat

Images left to right – Urban Outfitters via uk.pinterest, WhoWhatWear UK via uk.pinterest, Bloglovin’ Vanessa Jackman via uk.pinterest

Baker boy, Greek fisherman hat, train driver cap etc – the list goes on but I’m obsessed with this style of hat and have spent many many months searching long and hard for a vegan friendly alternative.

Many hats of this nature are made from wool or at least a wool blend thus making them unsuitable for ye ol’ wearer of non animal products*. A minor pain in the derrière but a challenge I like to partake in.

I pride myself on being somewhat of an expert of finding alternatives and thankfully in 2017 there is an alternative.


I was so overjoyed when a friend told me the many different names of this style of hat, I was limiting myself to only search for ‘baker boy’ styles and my horizon was broadened when I searched ‘Greek Fisherman hat’. This is where I discovered Village Hats, now I stress this company isn’t vegan and does sell wool hats however the amount of vegan suitable hats is outstanding.

My favourite baker boy/fisherman hats:

  1. Jaxon & James Corduroy Fiddler Cap – Black
  2. New York Hat Co. Canvas Baker Boy Cap – Black
  3. Brixton Hats Fiddler Cap – Black
  4. Betmar Hats Fisherman Baker Boy Cap – Black
*Isn’t wool ethical? No. Sheep are harmed during the sheering process, manhandled and cut. The mass production of wool items require cheap costs, materials, processes and all under-cover footage show sheep being hurt during the process. As a vegan I disagree with wearing any form of animal product.




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