Holiday edit: Chloe Carlina Sunglasses and are dupes such a bad thing?


Dear Katie, Happy Easter, Love Katie.

No Easter eggs please, I’m vegan. Vegan Easter eggs? No dark chocolate please, I’m intolerant.

Chloe sunglasses instead? Yes please.


If you’re an eagle-eyed subscriber to my blog, you’d have seen these Chloe Carlina sunglasses have been on my wishlist since my blogs creation.

Early last year I came across these sunglasses online, and instantly loved them. I’m such a sunglasses obsessive and I’m lucky to have some iconic sunglasses in my collection. My Alexander McQueen sunglasses are my trusted faithfuls and I’ve had them for 6 years ever since I purchased them from Liberty.

However sometimes when you see things online that you love, you just don’t know what they’ll look like in person, if you’ll like the style and if it’s just a fad.

Last summer I purchased a pair of Chloe dupes on eBay and I’m not afraid to say it. I wore those sunglasses every day. However fake merchandise is obviously a bad thing, shops are guilty of ripping off styles every single day and cheap sunglasses do not have the correct eye protection we need for the sunshine. As well as ethically speaking, disposable fashion has negative environmental impact and is named the second dirtiest industry alongside our ol’ arch nemesis – the meat and dairy industry.

Ethical shopping is so much more than not wearing animal by-products or cosmetics tested on animals. So dupes are a bad thing and I’m 100% guilty of this.

However, I strongly believe in recycling and never throwing away. I’ve grown up with an incredibly talented Mother who made and mended clothing from a very young age and her amazingly thrifty talents have stuck with me through life.

Can the item be worn or used again? If the answer is yes – donate to a charity shop. Sell at a boot sale or online auction site. Selling or swapping on websites such as Depop and Vinted can also prevent items going to landfill and either give you some money in the bank or swap for something new for you. Swapping was such a huge movement in 2015 and early 2016 and swapping parties and events pop up nationwide. A quick Google search will locate your local swap party.

What if an item is damaged, dirty or unsellable? If you can get to a recycling center ( a Tip, dump etc) there is always clothing recycling. Many parks or Supermarkets also have recycling facilities.

However I digress, I loved those sunglasses so much, a year later I’ve purchased the real thing.





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