Holiday edit: Perfect denim skirt


Wide cotton shirt here, Denim skirt here and small shoulder bag similar here

Summer showed it’s face last weekend and I got very excited. I’ve never been a summer fashion fan however the high street is changing my opinion, cheers H&M.

I’m travelling to Barcelona next month and I was on a hunt for something versatile to wear at night however yet still a mix of pieces I could wear in different ways throughout the duration of my stay.

The classic denim skirt is a wardrobe staple that never really goes out of style. To be honest I’ve avoided it until recently. Denim skirts always remind me of the skirt and legging phase that was so huge in the early 00’s, I was guilty of this trend but I’d like to think a lot of time has passed since then, so we’ll start afresh.


If you’re shopping at H&M remember to recycle your old clothing no matter what brand or what condition in all stores across the globe.

Although I donate all saleable clothing to Cats Protection charity shops, clothing that isn’t profitable can be recycled.

Shop denim skirts here 

Recycle your clothes here

Donate to Cats Protection here

Find your local Cats Protection charity shop here

*First image copyright Stylegreens 2017. Bottom three images taken from

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