Summer is here: Meat and dairy free alternative BBQ ideas


As I write this I’m sitting in my garden for the first time since we bought this house, something we dreamed of for many years. Much of the south of England is having it’s first glimpse of Summer and in true English fashion we’re lapping it up.

BBQ season is my favourite, since a very young age I grew up attending music festivals, and lived close enough to the countryside to attend outdoor events in the Spring and Summer with my Parents.

I love BBQ’d food, I like burnt food, except toast. Burnt toast is a no no. ‘But you’re vegan? You can’t BBQ!’ you’d think that, right? Wrong. A BBQ is so much more, all meat-free sausages and burgers are BBQ friendly however being a little bit more creative you can be the envy of your BBQ pals.

I’ve found some inspiration online that I believe will get you BBQ ready and not be too mean on your waistline.


 Grilled sweet potatoes with smoked garlic


Grilled corn on the cob with lime and paprika

Vegan Kababs.png

Mixed vegetable kebabs with satay sauce


New potato salad with shallots

It is really easy to get creative with vegan BBQ food, tonight i’m going to try vegetable kebabs with grilled sweet potatoes and a new potato salad. How about you? Happy BBQing!


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