High Street Edit – Payday treats


You work all month for that one weekend after pay day to hit the shops and you spend your entire ‘treat yo ‘self’ budget in one go.

In the midst of renovating our new home and saving for our holidays this year, I allow myself only a little spurge to get some wardrobe editions.

I recently visited Madrid on a work trip and read a few magazines on the flight including Grazia. Grazia currently have a high street edit in this months installment. It is all kinds of dangerous for someone with such a tight monthly shopping budget however the high street offers so many incredible fashion items at such a steal, it is great news for someone that doesn’t have a budget for Stella McCartney i.e. Me. Sad face!

I purchased some incredible Saint Laurent dupe star espadrilles from Primark – they were £8 and completely synthetic material.

I also picked up a pair of large bow black slip on flats, I don’t know where the trend for large bows on your shoes came from this season but I love it. I’ve seen lots around and particularly fell in love with the Topshop mules but alas they’re suede. These dupes are faux leather. These were also £8.

Last but no means least, clear aviators. I’m obsessed. I’m a huge glasses fan, before moving to our new home I cleared out an entire box of glasses I had hoarded over the years. These aviators were only £1.

I’ll include my other high street finds in posts to come, the high street is having such an amazing time right now for fashion. I feel excited and inspired in equal parts.



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