Personal progression through a plant based diet


I’ve posted a blog before with the personal progress since adopting a plant based diet but it isn’t until I look at old photos that I’m reminded how far I have become and how much of a change in my figure since changing my lifestyle.

I’m a member of a Facebook group in which I posted the above photo and received such an incredible response from everyone, I’m still completely overwhelmed. I was asked what I eat and what I’ve been doing at the gym to achieve this change, so I thought i’d provide a weekly eating plan as well as a gym workout guide for my followers and for those who’ve come to look at my blog off the back of the Facebook group – Hi, thank you for visiting please like this post and subscribe.

Daily food diary

Workout plan


Eating a healthy plant based diet should be enjoyable, and a healthy approach to eating is essential. To see progress your diet is 80% of the work, with the 20% left being fitness.

I did not turn to a plant based diet for the health benefits, it was purely for the rights of the animals and our planet, my physical improvements have all been unintentional. Of course now I have been a gym goer for 5 months, but a plant based diet doesn’t only improve your appearance (skin, physique and hair), it also encourages positively and a clear mind.

Follow my weekly food plan and workout guide and let me know if you feel a difference.

*disclaimer I’m not a professional, the food chart and workout plan is my own, I haven’t had any help with these documents and I like food, a lot.

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