Eczema Diaries – Hair care


Faith In Nature Fragrance Free Collection (Shampoo and Conditioner) £5.50 400 ml

If a product does what it says on the tin and doesn’t turn my skin into a blistering red rash, I’ll be loyal to that brand.

A year and a half ago I developed eczema, through stress or food intolerance, eczema is a skin condition which the exact cause is unknown.

The first port of call when developing eczema is an intolerance test. Most if not all skin conditions come from food. In previous posts I have mentioned how food can even effect mental health, the things we put into our body have an effect on many aspects so an intolerance test will always isolate problematic foods.

I have an intolerance to soy and cacao, a sad state for a Vegan who loves Oreos!

My eczema affects my forehead, hands, insides of my elbows and backs of knees. Since developing eczema my hair care and skin care products have had to change. Much like turning Vegan, having eczema makes you check the labels of everything. If it isn’t searching for problematic foods that’ll flare up your skin, it’s searching for problematic irritates. Many fragranced products are skin irritates.

After trying many a ‘pure’ or ‘natural’ hair care product, I found many a product to be too oily, as almost all the nature shampoos and conditioners contain olive oil.

Faith In Nature is a Vegan, green company, made in Britain and certified by cruelty free international.

I discovered Faith In Nature whilst searching for Fragrance Free, simple and non irritate products which were Vegan friendly. The fragrance free collection offers shampoo, conditioner, body and shower wash, fragrance free soups and body moisturiser.

The fragrance free shampoo and condition has been incredible for me, not only does it prevent flare ups on my forehead, scalp and hands, it keeps my hair soft and conditioned.

Developing eczema can have a detrimental effect on your confidence, however finding products that are suitable, affordable, vegan and cruelty free makes it easier.

Faith in Nature Fragrance Free collection is the purest hair care range, it’s hypoallergenic and contains no fragrance, no colour and no essential oil. Available here

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