Home edition – Inspiration for our first home

My partner and I purchased our first home together last September, since then we’ve been renovating the house to our taste. We’re fortunate enough that the house only needs doing up cosmetically.

Between the litres of white paint and grey soft furnishings, our home is beginning to take shape.

The slow stages of covering deep red paint in our bedroom, thanks previous owners! *

Before moving in, we had lots of ideas and inspiration and it’s been a fun experience making the small improvements so far. As we still have a long way to go, I’ve taken some of my favorites from Pinterest to share.

Large circular mirror, Trouva £100, Heal’s £399, Habitat £195

Grey throw, Matalan £15, Dunelm £16, Next £25

White flooring, UK Flooring Direct £17 per m², Topps Tiles £17.24 m²

If you’re renovating or simply looking for ideas for your home I cannot recommend Pinterest enough.

Watch this space for further home renovation updates and inspiration.

All images from Pinterest unless marked *. All rights uk.pinterest.com. Images marked with * are property of Stylegreens.

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