Are you part of the Revolution? Vegan eats and festivals

Vegan no blood no bones.jpg

I’ve always felt protective of my interests and angered when they’ve become popular or mainstream (damn right livid when the Kardashian’s were papped wearing Metallica t-shirts which sparked a phenomenon across all high street shops). However, the revolution that is currently happening regarding the Vegan lifestyle is something I’ll encourage.

Within three consecutive days I have been merely one of thousands to attend Vegfest in Brighton, and yet another new fan of Cook Daily (Boxpark Croydon & Shoreditch).

As I write this, Zizzi’s have expanded their Vegan menu, Starbucks is now selling almond milk in it’s UK shops and Violife have announced a halloumi alternative will be on sale in the UK shortly.

With all these exciting alternatives, events and eateries, is now the most exciting time to be a Vegan? Yes, being Vegan has never been so easy, affordable and very very popular.

*images taken at Vegfest Brighton 2017

Vegfest Brighton 2017 saw 10,000 participants attend over the weekend event, the festival included food, cosmetics, household products, charities, talks and films. I really cannot do the event justice, I attended on the Saturday and I was overwhelmed by the professionalism of the event.

I have experience working on large scale events, with thousands of participants and always pay attention to aspects of events that the general public take for granted. Vegfest was flawless in every way possible.

The event is very welcoming to all, especially those who’re curious.

A date for the diary is October 22nd and 23rd for the London stretch of Vegfest 2017 at London Olympia.

Whilst we’re on the subject of being overwhelmed, this nicely leads into Boxpark.

Entirely constructed out of refitted shipping containers, Boxpark brings modern street food, fine dining, craft beer and smoothies to Croydon and Shoreditch.

Croydon is my hometown and I couldn’t wait to visit Boxpark, just a shame it’s taken me so long, it has been open since October.

Every vendor is Vegan friendly, can you see a theme? The biggest contenders are Cook Daily, an entire Vegan vendor and What the Pitta? A vegan doner Kebab specialist.


The days of being able to only order the fries or a salad are long gone, Vegan is on the menu and this is only the beginning.

Which leaves me to ask, are you part of the revolution?

Boxpark is open daily Monday – Saturday 8am – 11pm and Sunday 10am -10pm.

Location – 99 George Street, Croydon CR0 1LD

*all images Stylegreens 2017




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