Being cool without being cruel: Vans Rapidweld Pro Lite Review

As an ‘alternative’ teenager I was always wearing Vans and Converse, I was rarely seen in a pair of clean kicks. Now in my late twenties I’d actually forgotten about Vans, I still have a trusty pair of Converse but they’re beginning to look sorry for themselves.

Fast forward ten plus years and Vans are having a revival. Still a shoe of choice for many skaters and the like, but this shoe is currently very prominent on social media and a very well photographed shoe on the fashionistas.

As much as I hate to admit it, the Vans Old Skool bug hit me, and hit me hard.

I had to have these shoes but here comes the reasoning for me blogging about these already highly blogged about shoe. The original Old Skool Vans are made from suede.

Suede is made from the underside of skin, primarily from lamb alternatively goat, calf and deer.

I believe skin should stay on an animal and not be worn on my feet so I went searching for an alternative.

Shopping for Vans is a tricky process, the ‘Vegan’ filter on the Vans website can be rather misleading, for example the Classic Slip on is advertised as 100% canvas everywhere it is sold – I’m looking at you ASOS! However, the inner heal is actually made from 100% cow’s leather.

I briefly mentioned in my last blog post about believing in miracles when I find Vegan alternatives and in this day and age these miracles are happening more rapidly.

Therefore I give you – The AV Rapidweld Pro Lite shoes i.e. The Vegan Old Skool.


Made from all synthetic material and no sneaky hidden animal derived materials, this is the alternative I was searching for.

Buy yours now – AV Rapidweld Pro Lite – Vans Old Skool

How will you wear yours?

*All outfit images on the header and footer taken from

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