Spring/Summer 2017 – Styling culottes

I use to wear culottes as a child, as an adult I thought of them being fairly awkward trousers. I’m tall and I subconsciously felt like wearing culottes was just wearing trousers too short. But for Spring/Summer 2017 I’m going to embrace the awkward length, is it a skirt or is it a trouser trend.

I’ve dipped my toe into the culotte universe with a little slinky number from Topshop – the textured wide leg trousers are of a crepe material with an elasticated waistband as the description on the Topshop website says for ‘optimal comfort’. Although it feels like I’m shopping at Damart for these culottes, I assure you, it is Topshop.


Faux Leather Biker Jacket – old Miss Selfridge but similar here, It’s Better in LA slogan tee – Primark but similar here, Wide leg culottes – Topshop, Silver slip-on mules – Primark but similar here *

The weather in the UK may be still a little to on the chilly side for the culotte to completely take over your wardrobe but I’m feeling it, they’re extremely versatile.

All images from unless marked with a *, that is property of Stylegreens. Special thanks to my Mum for taking the photo. One day I’ll be proper professional.

StyleGreens – Meet the author


Stylegreens Author – Katie

I’ve been blogging for a few months now after making a ‘To do’ list. I’m turning 30 next year and I have a list of things I want to do and start before then.

I’ve always wanted to blog, and truth be told I’ve started many blogs but ditched them very early on, I promise to keep Stylegreens. Things might evolve in the future but I’m enjoying it so far.

Whilst Stylegreens is still new to the blogosphere, I feel a introduction is in order.


Blazer – H&M, Femme Forever slogan tee – Topshop, Straight leg jeans – Topshop, Watch – Casio

Author: Katie

Current Location? West Sussex

Hometown? Croydon, Surrey

Favourite movie? I have two favourite movies of all time, Ace Ventura – When Nature Calls and Dumb ‘N Dumber. Titanic is a very very close third. I wanted to be Kate Winslet as a child. I think Ace Ventura subliminally turned me vegan.

Favourite band? My musical taste and artists I’m fond of change on a regular basis. I have so many favourite albums, songs and bands, I don’t think I have a sole favourite band. However my most played currently on Spotify is Metallica, Florence and the Machine, The Weeknd and Brand New.

Why are you vegan? I’ve always been an animal lover, I remember when I was really young my Sister had a ‘against animal testing’ flyer on her wall although neither of us really knew what it was about. I remember looking at the picture of mice being tested on and knowing it was wrong. I first turned vegetarian when I was 19, I watched a Jamie Oliver program on where our food comes from and I made the connection. I turned vegan shortly after, I researched a lot, I attended a chicken rescue and bought lots of books on animal liberation. This was ten years ago, things were very different to what they are now. I was young, not as educated and impressionable. I fell off the wagon.

I turned vegan again in 2015, I took the November challenge of turning vegan. The vegan challenge is hosted by Animal Aid and is a month long challenge in November, with recipe ideas and guidance. Statically 81% percent of people who take part in vegan month challenges intend to continue with the vegan lifestyle.

I can only assume the 19% that do not stick to the lifestyle are not participating for animal rights, but for health benefits only.

What are the challenges you face being vegan? My biggest challenge I have faced is a soy and cacao intolerance. Being a vegan with a soy allergy and a vegan who cannot eat dark chocolate is pretty bad times, this is only a small obstacle though as with everything, there is always an alternative.  Who knew you could get soy-free soy sauce? You know now. There is an alternative for EVERYTHING. Thank you Coconut Secret.

But, hold up – where do you get your protein? F**k off. I jest, excuse my french. The most commonly asked questions for vegans. When did everyone become protein obsessed? I can only blame social media and #gainz for this obsession and everyone becoming a nutritionist. I recently saw a quote from a lady called Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, an American author. Her quote simply said ‘It makes no sense to go through an animal to get to the nutrients that the animal gets because the animal ate plants.’ This quote resonates with me, I have all the nutrients I need, straight from the source, rather than via a carrier.

If the protein question is sincere, then I apologies profusely for my bad language. The below chart is very useful.


Protein chart sourced from, chart originally posted by

Favourite make-up brand? My current two favourites are ELF and Kat Von D. ELF is an American brand, specialising in affordable make-up. My favourite ELF products are the High Definition powder and baked bronzer.  Kat Von D is an American tattoo artist come vegan, come make-up mogul. My favourite Kat Von D products are the Lock It Foundation and the Tattoo Eyeliner pen. ELF isn’t available in UK stores and only available via the ELF website, shipping from America. Kat Von D Make-up is now available from Debenhams. I’ve heard a rumor that ELF may/may not be coming to Superdrug in the UK in the near future?

Finally, if you were stranded on a desert island and you could only take one food item with you, what would it be? Sundried tomatos. No explanation needed.

Thank you for stopping by my blog, this is still very new and a work in progress but I’m enjoying this ride and I hope you are too.


Eczema Diaries – Hair care


Faith In Nature Fragrance Free Collection (Shampoo and Conditioner) £5.50 400 ml

If a product does what it says on the tin and doesn’t turn my skin into a blistering red rash, I’ll be loyal to that brand.

A year and a half ago I developed eczema, through stress or food intolerance, eczema is a skin condition which the exact cause is unknown.

The first port of call when developing eczema is an intolerance test. Most if not all skin conditions come from food. In previous posts I have mentioned how food can even effect mental health, the things we put into our body have an effect on many aspects so an intolerance test will always isolate problematic foods.

I have an intolerance to soy and cacao, a sad state for a Vegan who loves Oreos!

My eczema affects my forehead, hands, insides of my elbows and backs of knees. Since developing eczema my hair care and skin care products have had to change. Much like turning Vegan, having eczema makes you check the labels of everything. If it isn’t searching for problematic foods that’ll flare up your skin, it’s searching for problematic irritates. Many fragranced products are skin irritates.

After trying many a ‘pure’ or ‘natural’ hair care product, I found many a product to be too oily, as almost all the nature shampoos and conditioners contain olive oil.

Faith In Nature is a Vegan, green company, made in Britain and certified by cruelty free international.

I discovered Faith In Nature whilst searching for Fragrance Free, simple and non irritate products which were Vegan friendly. The fragrance free collection offers shampoo, conditioner, body and shower wash, fragrance free soups and body moisturiser.

The fragrance free shampoo and condition has been incredible for me, not only does it prevent flare ups on my forehead, scalp and hands, it keeps my hair soft and conditioned.

Developing eczema can have a detrimental effect on your confidence, however finding products that are suitable, affordable, vegan and cruelty free makes it easier.

Faith in Nature Fragrance Free collection is the purest hair care range, it’s hypoallergenic and contains no fragrance, no colour and no essential oil. Available here

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Home edition – Inspiration for our first home

My partner and I purchased our first home together last September, since then we’ve been renovating the house to our taste. We’re fortunate enough that the house only needs doing up cosmetically.

Between the litres of white paint and grey soft furnishings, our home is beginning to take shape.

The slow stages of covering deep red paint in our bedroom, thanks previous owners! *

Before moving in, we had lots of ideas and inspiration and it’s been a fun experience making the small improvements so far. As we still have a long way to go, I’ve taken some of my favorites from Pinterest to share.

Large circular mirror, Trouva £100, Heal’s £399, Habitat £195

Grey throw, Matalan £15, Dunelm £16, Next £25

White flooring, UK Flooring Direct £17 per m², Topps Tiles £17.24 m²

If you’re renovating or simply looking for ideas for your home I cannot recommend Pinterest enough.

Watch this space for further home renovation updates and inspiration.

All images from Pinterest unless marked *. All rights Images marked with * are property of Stylegreens.

Good morning! A collection of smoothies to start the day – Happy, Healthy, Hydrated

I’m not an early bird, far from it. I’m not an earlier riser, a yoga before the sunrise person. I snooze and I snooze hard – plus I’ve never done yoga. My balance is horrendous. But one morning ritual I believe is very important no matter what time you rise or when your breakfast may be, a smoothie a day keeps the germs away, the body happy and sets you on your journey to your daily portion of fruit and veg.

Below is a collection of smoothies I’ve found on the internet that inspire me and I hope will inspire you too.


Green Kiwi Smoothie 

Taken from the One Million Recipe website, this smoothie includes cucumber, kiwis, bananas and spinach. Click the title above to be directed to the recipe.


Beet Raspberry Smoothie

Beetroot is my favourite vegetable in smoothies and juice. I love the rich deep colour but also its health claims. Beetroot is a source of iron and folic acid. It helps lower blood pressure, boost exercise performance and claims to prevent dementia. The recipe from Cocoon Cooks includes beetroot, raspberries, banana, almond milk and flax seeds.


Kiwi and Chia Seed Smoothie

Chia seeds are incredible little pieces of joy. Chia seeds are like flax seeds, very high in Omega-3 fatty acids. Did you know that chia seeds contain more Omega-3 than salmon? As well as being a source of protein and can improve exercise performance as much as a sports drink. The recipe from  Very Breakfast incorporates spinach, bananas, kiwis and chia seeds. Click on the image title above to see the full recipe.


Peach Melba Sunrise Smoothie

Rejoice banana haters, a smoothie without a banana. Wallflower Kitchen incorporates frozen raspberries to create a cooling smoothie perfect for the warmer months. This pretty smoothie is enough to start your day on a high.

I hope the recipes included in this post are enough inspiration to get you started on making your own smoothies, the advantage of smoothies is anything goes, the following table gives you a base for making your own.


Taken from Sometimes, Always, Never blog

Start the day as you mean to go on, happy, healthy and hydrated.

Inspirations comes from Pinterest, all images and recipes taken from linked blogs via Pinterest. Smoothie guide taken from via Pinterest.

Where do you want to be in 5 years time?


Left: 2012, Right: present 2017

Five years ago if someone told me I would be where I am today, I’d have laughed in their face, shrugged it off and gone for a large kebab. My only love was greasy food, preferably deep fried.

In 2012 (the left image, above) I ate due to boredom, had absolutely no idea of the amounts of crap I was consuming on a daily basis and was equally as unfit. In a rut, a job that completely uninspired me and ate a packet of biscuits on the daily.

Five years later and my outlook has changed, my love affair with food is eternal however the choices are somewhat different than what they were.

I read an article recently that mentioned it is possible to eat yourself happy, diets can significantly affect mental health.

I never thought I was overweight, despite my BMI saying so. I’m tall and I’ve always carried more weight because of that however feeling tired, unhappy, lazy and unfocused is a repercussion of a poor diet.

Being vegetarian or vegan doesn’t automatically make you healthy, I follow plenty of groups on Facebook that say otherwise, if you’re vegan and you don’t get unbelievably excited over vegan cake alternatives, chances are you’re a robot.

Being healthy is as much in the mind as it is on the plate. How do you feel after a McDonalds compared to how do you feel after a filling, healthy alternative?

In the five years since the photo on the left, I’ve discovered vegan food, the amazing fruits and vegetables available in every supermarket, how easy it is to cook from scratch and how affordable it is to cook fresh food. I’ve discovered being healthy internally promotes a healthy body and mind.

Since November 2016 I’ve also joined a gym, working out has never come easily to me and it takes determination especially after a working day however the euphoria is worth the dedication. The gym may be still a new notion for me, but watch this space.

Where will I be five years from now? I’m not so sure but I’ll be ten years away from that photo on the left and that’s a positive.



Are you part of the Revolution? Vegan eats and festivals

Vegan no blood no bones.jpg

I’ve always felt protective of my interests and angered when they’ve become popular or mainstream (damn right livid when the Kardashian’s were papped wearing Metallica t-shirts which sparked a phenomenon across all high street shops). However, the revolution that is currently happening regarding the Vegan lifestyle is something I’ll encourage.

Within three consecutive days I have been merely one of thousands to attend Vegfest in Brighton, and yet another new fan of Cook Daily (Boxpark Croydon & Shoreditch).

As I write this, Zizzi’s have expanded their Vegan menu, Starbucks is now selling almond milk in it’s UK shops and Violife have announced a halloumi alternative will be on sale in the UK shortly.

With all these exciting alternatives, events and eateries, is now the most exciting time to be a Vegan? Yes, being Vegan has never been so easy, affordable and very very popular.

*images taken at Vegfest Brighton 2017

Vegfest Brighton 2017 saw 10,000 participants attend over the weekend event, the festival included food, cosmetics, household products, charities, talks and films. I really cannot do the event justice, I attended on the Saturday and I was overwhelmed by the professionalism of the event.

I have experience working on large scale events, with thousands of participants and always pay attention to aspects of events that the general public take for granted. Vegfest was flawless in every way possible.

The event is very welcoming to all, especially those who’re curious.

A date for the diary is October 22nd and 23rd for the London stretch of Vegfest 2017 at London Olympia.

Whilst we’re on the subject of being overwhelmed, this nicely leads into Boxpark.

Entirely constructed out of refitted shipping containers, Boxpark brings modern street food, fine dining, craft beer and smoothies to Croydon and Shoreditch.

Croydon is my hometown and I couldn’t wait to visit Boxpark, just a shame it’s taken me so long, it has been open since October.

Every vendor is Vegan friendly, can you see a theme? The biggest contenders are Cook Daily, an entire Vegan vendor and What the Pitta? A vegan doner Kebab specialist.


The days of being able to only order the fries or a salad are long gone, Vegan is on the menu and this is only the beginning.

Which leaves me to ask, are you part of the revolution?

Boxpark is open daily Monday – Saturday 8am – 11pm and Sunday 10am -10pm.

Location – 99 George Street, Croydon CR0 1LD

*all images Stylegreens 2017